My name is Ricardo Moura and I am a Licensed Architect in the state of California.

My mission is to elevate and improve lives through design without compromising neither aesthetics nor functionality.   I believe in the creation of beautiful spaces that seamlessly integrate with their environment in impactful, creative, and innovative ways.  My goal is to help you translate your vision into reality.

As an Architect, I am committed to the highest standards of professional excellence and strive to provide my clients with exceptional service.  Honesty, integrity, and mutual respect are the foundations for building long-lasting partnerships with clients, team members, and the community.

My professional career began at Michael Maltzan Architecture and continued through Dennis Gibbens Architects, Gensler, Wolcott, and AUX Architecture.  Over the years, I have expanded my architectural experience across multiple building typologies, from commercial to multi-family residential, museums, parks, and single-family residences.

Holding a Bachelor and Masters of Architecture from Universidade Autonoma de Lisboa (UAL), I was fortunate to have world-renowned architects Siza Vieira, Souto de Moura, Carrilho da Graca, and Aires Mateus as professors and mentors. To them I owe my passion for a more playful and constructive vision of modern architecture.